Guy Harvey Collections

What does STEAM mean in education….Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics? How do all of the pieces fit together? How are interconnected? How are they woven together to have students know they need to have EVERY piece of the puzzle?  These were the questions that the Guy Harvey Collections teachers were asked to answer… and…. The goal was to create a cross-curricular curriculum that increased engagement of students. 

STEAM engagement.  This project involved Art, Math, and Science educators developed grade banded lessons that support true STEAM learning. This project was a labor of love for all involved because it was started days before the country lockdown for quarantine. The education world was flipped upside down and educators were work full tilt in uncharted waters. As the storm settled the Collections teachers focus on the task of creating a full STEAM experience for K-12 students. 

The Guy Harvey Collections are not just lessons but a learning experience in which students will share, understand, and practice activities together as a class and even in some levels as an entire school. The lessons have been beta tested schools around the State of Florida with great success and have made changes per feedback of practicing educators.  

The topic that was chosen for the first Sharks….why you might ask? Because our media has portrayed these majestic creatures as killing machines instead of true form. The Collections create a different perception of sharks by educating our youth. 

What is unique about these lessons?   

Dr. Harvey’s art is the “anchor” that holds the entire process together. Students will be using Guy Harvey’s real-life experiences to develop an understand of the how and the why using the exciting topic of Sharks. The lessons combine videos and artwork guide students through learning science and math through an art lens.     

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