Jessica Harvey's Expedition Notebook

Join Guy Harvey and his daughter Jessica as they travel the world to study and document the largest predators and most exotic wildlife on land and in the sea. The Expedition Notebook brings all of the action from out in the field and on the water directly to your screen in this exciting and educational video series. Get up close and personal with our wild world in Jessica Harvey’s Expedition Notebook!

Sea Turtles

Jessica Harvey looks at everyone’s favorite marine creature – the Sea Turtle!

Shark School with Jessica Harvey

Now available available for you to watch on Amazon-Shark School with Jessica Harvey! To watch the full expedition CLICK HERE!

Jessica Harvey's Expedition Notebook

Ready to learn some marine science?
Here’s a preview of Jessica Harvey’s Expedition Notebook.

Artificial Reefs

Jessica Harvey explores the fascinating world of artificial reefs.

Bloody Bay Wall

Jessica Harvey takes us to what’s been called the
“best dive site in the world” – a wonder of nature . . .

The Food Web

Jessica Harvey shows us how everything in the ocean is interconnected
and how we are connected to it as well.

Ocean Acidification

Jessica Harvey helps us understand “ocean acidification” and how it could impact everything on the planet.

Shortfin Mako Shark

Jessica Harvey introduces us to the fastest shark in the ocean!

White Shark

Jessica Harvey introduces us to the world’s most loved shark and why it may not be so “great” after all.

The White Marlin

Jessica Harvey introduces us to this fascinating and mysterious fish.