Guy Harvey Magazine

Issue 36

Camp Mack

A Florida Original By Mark Ellert “It isn’t as it used to be in the old times. Then everybody traveled by steamboat …” wrote Mark Twain in his great American novel, Life on the Mississippi. And so it was for the Kissimmee River in Central Florida at the turn of the 19th

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Fads and Flotsam

The floating debris that fish love Story by and photos courtesy Bill Boyce Waking to smooth eastern tropical Pacific seas, the 240-foot super seiner makes its initial 360-degree slow turn, scanning the horizon for birds and splashes before committing to a course to start the day’s search for tuna. It’s

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Prime Time Guy Harvey

Stream Guy with Amazon Prime If you find yourself at home tonight hungry for a great wildlife documentary, the Guy Harvey team is ready to serve up an expedition. You can even have a Guy Harvey version of Shark Week … if you know where to look. And it’s easy

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Amos Nochoum

A Photo Portfolio To see more of Amos Nachoum’s photography, visit Click each photo below for a larger preview.

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Sustainable Apparel

By Greg Jacoski, Executive Director, Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation Photos by George C. Schellenger Like a lot of manufacturing industries, apparel has rarely been a bastion of environmental sustainability. Producing garments like T-shirts requires a significant amount of energy to run heavy machinery. Fabrics are often shipped around the world

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