Guy Harvey Magazine

Issue 36

Wasting Away

Stony Coral Disease Story and Photos By Nick Honachefsky A nebulous, insidious and seemingly unstoppable anomaly is wiping out the very existence of coral reefs in Florida and possibly worldwide — stony coral disease — and it’s spreading. There is no known cure, but Mote Marine Lab in Summerland Key

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Always Be Exploring

By Guy Harvey The travel ban imposed in March instantly created the long-awaited opportunity for me to get started on writing a new book. From previous experience, I knew it would take around three months to do the manuscript, requiring an extended period of uninterrupted time researching and writing. My

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How to Pursue a Salty Career in the Marine Industry

One Man’s Meandering Oceanic Journey By Patxi Pastor Like many children, I was immediately drawn to the magic and mystery of the ocean. As a young boy living on the coast of Spain, I learned about the amazing world at the beach that mesmerized me with colorful and fascinating animals.

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Adapting to a Learning Environment

By Matthew Sanford Within the English language, there exists many proverbs: “red skies at night, a sailors delight, red skies in the morning, sailors take warning.” There is also my personal favorite coming from poet Dixon Lanier Merritt, “a wonderful bird is the pelican, that can fit more in its

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Enhancing Marine-Based Education

How Strategic Partnerships Lead to Success By Fred Garth There’s a famous photo of a grizzly bear cub standing in the river next to a fly fisherman. The little cub says, “You give me half the fish, and I’ll tell my mom not to eat you.” That, my friends, is

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The Key to Saving Our Oceans

(Hint: it’s EDUCATION) Can we protect the human race from itself?  Can we ever really stop the exploitation of pollution, plastics and politics? Will overfishing eventually collapse the marine ecosystem, or will we one day achieve harmony and sustainability? Can we stop coral reefs from dying? Will ocean acidification irreparably

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