Guy Harvey Magazine

Issue 36

Scholarship Winners

By Emily Roden In September of 2020, four incoming freshmen to Nova Southeastern University were awarded four-year scholarships from the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation (GHOF) and the Florida Prepaid College Foundation. While there may have been a tiny bit of luck involved, each of these students earned their scholarship by

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Toadfish and Our New ‘Friends of the Coast’

By Emily Roden People usually perceive oysters in one of two ways: delicacies best served raw or Rockefeller, or slimy creatures they couldn’t imagine ingesting. Toadfish Outfitters, with their oyster bed planting initiative, is asking you to see oysters in a new light — as “friends of the coast” and

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GHOF/DiscoveryEd STEAM Conferences

By Emily Roden When reading this title, you may have thought, “Whoever typed this up accidentally added an ‘A’ to ‘STEM.’ ” This “A” is purposeful and is a recent addition by the Florida Department of Education to incorporate “art” into the fields of “science,” “technology,” “engineering” and “math.” Although this

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Ocean Conservation Month

By Emily Roden For the past three years, the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation has celebrated March as Ocean Conservation Month. Based in the Cayman Islands, the GHOF team filled this month with tons of activities, such as beach cleanups, lionfish-culling tournaments, cocktail parties and more — all to educate people

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Guy Harvey Scholarship

In order to foster future generations of marine conservationists, the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation understands the value of marine education. To help inspire students to continue learning and researching within the field, GHOF has taken part in two scholarship programs the past few years: the Guy Harvey Scholarship award in

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