Guy Harvey Magazine

Issue 36

Wild Forever Art Contest 2020

By Emily Roden At the heart of Guy Harvey’s mission rests both his passion for marine life conservation and his passion for art. Through the Wild Forever Art Contest, the Guy Harvey award has been able to foster both of these passions in contestants from around the world. Each year,

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Guy Harvey Art Contest 2020

By Louisa Sax The COVID-19 pandemic is testing our ability to be productive at home, but it is inadvertently making us more creative and more engaged in our natural surroundings. This, for us, is a welcome change to the screen-addicted, fast-paced corporate world we lived in not so long ago.

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Walking the Walk

It’s one thing to talk about marine conservation; it’s yet another to do something about it. I’ve always encouraged anglers — or anyone who enjoys the water for that matter — to follow their passion and become an active participant in preserving our waterways. It’s why the Guy Harvey Ocean

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sunset lighthouse Mississippi

Uncover the Secrets of Coastal Mississippi

Redfish, speckled trout, great hosts and more Coastal Mississippi’s 62 miles of shoreline feature a natural barrier of islands that make up Mississippi’s portion of Gulf Islands National Seashore, creating a distinctive choice for fishing. Whether the trip is solely dedicated to the sport or if angling is coupled with

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A Kansan Takes the Wheel

MarineMax made sure that Midwestern family found the boat that was right for them To say that Heather and Zachary Hamel took a deliberate approach to buying their first offshore boat would be a vast understatement. For years, they traveled from their home In Kansas City, where Zachary worked in

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