Guy Harvey Magazine

Issue 37

Last Cast

By FRED GARTH There’s this amazing underwater photojournalist named Doug Perrine. You should Google him. His work has been featured pretty much everywhere in books, magazines and films around the world. His expertise as a writer as well as a photographer puts him in a very small circle of creative

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Saving Striped Bass

By NICK HONACHEFSKY “Striped bass nearly extinct.” That was a true statement among 1980s newspaper headlines in the Northeast. Commercial overfishing, menhaden exploitation and unregulated pollution decimated the stocks. Fast forward to the late 1990s and early 2000s, and that statement seemed near impossible with record-setting catches of stripers both

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Making Tracks

The Story of by George C. Schellenger Before you start reading this, grab your phone, tablet or laptop — you’ll want to be connected. Launch your favorite browser and head over to  Now you’re only a few clicks away from a grand adventure more than a decade in

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How Many Sharks is Too Many

Shark population numbers have become a hot topic in recent months, but are the arguments economical or ecological? By Stefanie Brendl You may wonder why this question is being asked. Certainly, if you’re snorkeling around a bunch of sharks, that might be too many for you. Yet, this question is

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Galápagos Islands: Land of the Striped Marlin

By GUY HARVEY This story is an excerpt from Guy Harvey’s Underwater World As part of my dedicated series on billfish for my television show, Portraits from the Deep, our intrepid team of producer Ken Kavanaugh and two amazing cameramen, Rick Westphal and Dee Gele, flew to Guayaquil, Ecuador, on

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