Guy Harvey Magazine

Issue 37

Windows of the World

A Bill Boyce Perspective Life can be a wondrous journey when you choose the right road and the light to lead it. Who would have known that a kid from California, who found an addiction to the sport of fishing at age 4, would take his love of all things

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COVID’s Silver Lining

How Does The Marine Tourism Industry Fare? By Nick Honachefsky COVID-19 needs no introduction. The pandemic sent the world into a spiral, affecting industries and businesses large and small on an unprecedented level. The marine outdoor industry consisting of fishing, diving, snorkeling and traveling was not exempt from its reach,

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Ocean Therapy for Veterans

By Louisa Sax A staggering 58% of people who are exposed to warfare are diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder, compared to between 3-6% of people in the civilian population. In 2019, 25% of U.S. veterans were reported to have a service-connected disability.  The following are ocean centric programs that

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Ocean Therapy

Healing waters soothe the soul no matter the trauma By Louisa Sax Where do you go when you need time to reset, relax, de-stress, make decisions or get creative? I go to the ocean. A walk on the beach, snorkel or a day spent fishing works wonders for my ability

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Reef to Refuge

Bringing Hope to Florida’s Coral Reef By Beth Firchau The Florida Reef Tract has stood resilient for decades; beaten by ocean warming, acidification and water-born pollution, it has survived.  Much like the Grand Canyon, Yosemite or the Great Lakes, the Florida Reef Tract is a natural treasure that belongs to

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Transforming Conservation with Conservation X Labs

Grand Challenge to Award $650k in 2021 By Louisa Sax Technology has allowed us to break barriers, push boundaries, manipulate the landscape, and access previously impossible-to-reach natural resources. Advances in fishing gear, for example, have enabled us to harvest deeper, further and smarter in order to satisfy an ever-increasing global

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