Guy Harvey Magazine

Issue 37

Marine Science Teacher of the Year

By Valerie Gaynor Katherine O’Fallon, the Marine Science Magnet Coordinator at New River Middle School (NRMS) in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, has been sharing her passion for marine science and education since she began her teaching career in 2006. As a marine biologist working in the field, she discovered that her

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Women in Ocean Science

By Stephanie MacDonald Women in Ocean Science is a global network and community to inspire, connect and empower women in marine science. Marine biologists, conservationists, chemists, oceanographers and casual ocean advocates all have a space to share their stories, research and experiences, have their questions answered, and interact with like-minded

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Meet the Teacher Committee

For the past year, the GHOF teacher committee has been working diligently, often late into the night, on the Guy Harvey Shark Collection, an integrated lesson plan for K-12 students and teachers. Our appreciation of their work, and that of all teachers during the pandemic, cannot be overstated. The Shark

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Education Update

by Guy Harvey Magazine Staff In our previous issue, we outlined strategic education partnerships with Discovery Education, Ocean First Education, the Florida Department of Education, Florida Virtual School and various and sundry groups dedicated to the vital efforts of educatingour children.  Since that time, the number of our partners has

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A 100% Green Electric Catamaran

By Emily Roden Leave it to the French — land of Jacques Cousteau, who invented the self-contained underwater breathing apparatus (SCUBA) — to create a flying boat. Well, sort of. The so-called “Overboat” is an electric-powered catamaran that almost magically rises above the waves on four hydrofoils, thus creating a

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Changing the Current for Environmental Education

By Emily Roden Manatees are often referred to as the beloved gentle giants of the sea, and they continue to capture the hearts of children and adults alike. These warm-blooded mammals are classified as a threatened species, facing dangers such as boat strikes, net entanglements and cold stress. Staying warm

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