Guy Harvey Magazine

Issue 38

Last Call

I used to belong to a snow skiing club in Pensacola, Florida. We had a ton of members. Weird, huh? Not really. One of the dudes in the club told me that Florida has the most skiing clubs in the country, and Colorado has the most scuba diving clubs. I’m

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Rio Lady’s Big Adventure

One big lady reveals the mysteries of her underwater journey One of the best ways to stay in “live” constant contact with the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation, and stay up to date on research from the Guy Harvey Research Institute, is to follow For the past several issues of

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Catching Prehistoric Sharks

My fascination with dinosaurs, like most people enamored by the prehistoric fauna, started at a young age, fantasizing about creatures of epic proportion with ever-chomping jaws. As a die-hard saltwater angler, I also entertain a strong love for sharks and everything related to the marine environment. So how could I

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This is Your Ocean: Sharks

A look back at 10 years of Celebrating Sharks My pitch on Oct. 1, 2010 was simple: create a film that would allow viewers to “experience what it’s like to come face to face with sharks at Tiger Beach in the Bahamas. Reveal why sharks are so valuable to the

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A Future for Sharks

For most of human history, protecting wild animals was not seen as a critical component to our own lifestyle. The result has been that countless species have gone extinct or are well on their way. For many decades, humans have been the primary drivers of change on the planet, during

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Windows of the World

A Bill Boyce Perspective Life can be a wondrous journey when you choose the right road and the light to lead it. Who would have known that a kid from California, who found an addiction to the sport of fishing at age 4, would take his love of all things

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