Guy Harvey Magazine

Issue 38

An Unexpected Expert

Lessons from an Artificial Reef Guru Back in 2017, Guy Harvey Magazine published an article (see sidebar excerpt on page 68) about Andrew “Red” Harris, an inspirational 26-year-old from Jupiter, Florida, who was killed after he was hit by a boat as he tried to save his girlfriend from drifting

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Where have all the oysters gone?

The fight to save oysters and the habitat that they help maintain Oysters are not particularly charismatic creatures; they resemble small rocks, with a gooey interior. These unprepossessing shellfish however have supported coastal communities across the globe for millennia, initially through subsistence harvesting then by large-scale commercial fishing. Food and

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An Essential Balance

Responsible development requires concern for sustainability In 2015, the United Nations adopted 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) as part of a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that, by 2030, all people will enjoy peace and prosperity. The goals, then, may be more aspirational

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From 35 Mules to 30 Million Solar Panels

Florida Power & Light Company helps build toward a cleaner energy future What was once a swampland featuring alligators as roadside attractions has transformed into the third most populous state in the nation. The dramatic influx of new Florida residents in recent years means an increase in the demand for

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A Better Application

Fishing apps have a potential new role: assessing fish stocks through digital crowdsourcing Let’s face it, fishing regulations can be confusing sometimes. The laws our governmental fishery managers write determine how many fish we can legally catch, when we can catch them, and how big or small the fish have

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Ocean Crest Alliance Leads the Way

Building a blue economy in the Bahamas and globally One of the best tools we have right now for improving the health of our marine ecosystems is a Marine Protected Areas (MPA). And to operate and manage an MPA effectively, we have to run them like any other business. We

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