Guy Harvey Magazine

Issue 38

Sawgrass to Seagrass

The fight to maintain a delicate balance Once considered a mosquito-infested swamp, the Everglades has finally achieved the gold medal recognition it deserves. Approximately 4 million acres of diverse wetlands, rivers, lakes, prairies and forests are not only home to thousands of vital species, but they also provide fresh, clean

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GHOF, MarineLab Join Forces on Conservation Education

If you’ve been following the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation recently, you know that marine science and conservation education has risen to the top of the list. Educating kids — and teachers — on the importance of ocean conservation is a critical step in saving our reefs, our fish, our oceans

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GHOF K-12 Education Update

It’s fair to say that the 2020–21 school year was the most challenging in modern education history. Learning from home was difficult for students and their parents, but it was particularly hard for teachers, who had to quickly become effective virtual instructors — all on the fly.  Most teachers had

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Guy Harvey Expeditions

If you’ve even envisioned yourself being on a fishing boat with Dr. Guy Harvey, you can now make that dream a reality. The Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation has organized several epic aquatic adventures to Panama, Mexico, and Guatemala, and the good news is — you’re invited to come along for

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‘Meet Me Underwater’

A Photographic Celebration of Florida’s Aquatic Wonders, By Michael Patrick O’Neill Award-winning photographer Michael Patrick O’Neill has written a retrospective of his past 30 years covering Florida’s spectacular coral reefs, wetlands, estuaries and deep ocean. Meet Me Underwater is dedicated to all Floridians and everyone who has a little Florida

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Clean Energy, Clean Apparel

Guy Harvey’s commitment to marine conservation extends all the way to his iconic apparel. The facility where Guy Harvey clothing is made is covered in solar panels, and the water is reclaimed and purified (see Guy Harvey Magazine Issue 36). Now, the latest innovation in apparel is called THREADCYCLED™ technology,

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