Guy Harvey Magazine

Issue 38

Save the Reef

We all know that coral reefs are in peril around the globe, and the Florida Keys are no exception. The good news is that a diverse group of coral reef management and conservation leaders has banded together to respond to this environmental crisis and save Florida’s coral reefs. The Orlando-based

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Meet the Skallywags

The term scallywag has generally been associated with troublemakers and outlaws. But there’s a new kind of “Skallywag” in town: a family-run business all about celebrating life at sea and ocean conservation. Siblings Richard White and Kerry White, alongside Kerry’s husband Raymond Moody, have created a series of flags that

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Girls Can Fish!

Isn’t it amazing when fishing becomes a vehicle for helping people? Such is the case of young Caroline Lewis, a 10-year-old girl with her own 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. A fisher-girl since she was just 3, Caroline excels at both freshwater and saltwater fishing and has logged some incredible catches —

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The Cost of Conservation

I have a saying: “It takes cash to care.” Some people might get turned off or even offended by this statement, but the truth is conservation costs money. Sure, there are numerous incredible volunteer efforts, such as the International Beach Cleanup that has attracted more than 16 million volunteers since

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New Hope for the Plastic Plague

Electric cars, electric bicycles, solar farms, windmills — the transition in our energy economy is taking place before our eyes. Many of these changes are being driven by the business community, with automakers like General Motors announcing that it will only make electric vehicles by 2035 and Florida Power and

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