Guy Harvey Magazine

Issue 39

The Power of a Turtle

Sea turtles have always been Reannah Hollaway’s favorite animal. For her, they are creatures with fascinating lives and great beauty. Reannah is amused even by their awkwardness on land. When I overheard a conversation at Texas Children’s Hospital about this young lady battling cystic fibrosis and wanting to meet a

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Diving Full STEAM Into 2022

Throughout the last two years, teachers across the state of Florida have been developing some amazing new educational courses. We like to call them the Guy Harvey Collections. This ground-breaking program was initiated with the Florida Department of Education to increase cross-curricular, STEAM engagement. What that means is that the

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SFC Partners with GHOF

Sustainability and conservation have increasingly become a key part of the narrative at big game fishing tournaments. Catch and release divisions continue to grow in the billfish categories, and the angling community is more dedicated than ever to protecting the fishery that so many of us enjoy.  That’s why there

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Cayman Islands Angling Club Members Win Big in Panama

World famous Tropic Star Lodge at Pinas Bay, Panama, held its Annual Billfish Conservation Tournament in November 2021. Prior to the torneo, team members from the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation were part of a research group tagging black marlin, blue marlin, sailfish and dorado (dolphin fish or mahi) at the

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Blue Marlin In The Boat!

Story & Illustrations by Guy Harvey Often, I have been asked what was one of the most amazing experiences I have had out on the ocean. Here is one: In the afternoon of Oct. 21, 2021, I was out fishing for marlin off Grand Cayman on Makaira, my Dusky 33,

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GHOF Trains Teachers in Polk County

By Fred Garth After a successful teacher training session in Polk County, Florida, by the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation professional development team, the schools are now utilizing the GHOF Marine Science 101 curriculum within its high school classrooms. Around 25 marine science teachers and 2,500 students are currently accessing the

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